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First Presbyterian Church of East Brady FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

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I'd like to have my child baptized. How does that happen?

Generally, at least one of the parents must be an active member of the congregation. The parents must attend worship on a regular basis and agree to meet with the pastor for instruction. The Session (the ruling body of the congregation) must approve the baptism and schedule a date for the sacrament to be administered.

All baptisms in the Presbyterian Church are public: that is, they must take place during a regularly scheduled worship service.

The parents are asked to declare their faith in Jesus Christ, to agree to raise the child in a Christian manner, and to promise to bring the child to church.

The congregation is asked if they will agree to nurture the child in a Christian congregation, and to provide opportunities for the Christian education of the child.

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I've never been baptized and I'm no longer a child. What about me?

If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and want to become a member of this congregation, contact Kay John, chair of the Membership Committee, to make arrangements to attend a Confirmation or an Inquirer's Class.

In the Presbyterian Church, if you are baptized as an adult (over age 18) or a young adult (generally over age 11, but sometimes younger), you automatically become a member of the congregation where you are baptized.

(See the FAQ "How can I become a member?" for more details.)

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How can I become a member?

If you are a young adult (under age 18), you will be asked to attend a confirmation class. This is a series of sessions (usually 4-6) designed to help you understand the Presbyterian Church and to learn more about your obligations as a member. It also includes an overview of this congregation and the opportunity to attend a committee meeting and a Session meeting.

If you are over 18 and have never been a member of a Reformed Tradition congregation before, you will be asked to attend an Inquirer's Class. This is a 1-2 session meeting where you will find out about the beliefs and the structure of the Presbyterian Church. You'll look at the theology behind a worship service, get to ask questions about the church and the congregation, and have the opportunity to look at the questions you will be asked if you decide to join. If you come to an Inquirer's Class, there is no obligation to join if you decide that now is not the time - and of course you may attend worship for years without becoming a member if you so desire (the record for that is 31 years - ask around the congregation to find out who this recent member is!).

If you are or have recently been a member of a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Cumber land Presbyterian Church, The Lutheran Church, The United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ or The Church of the Brethern, you may ask that your membership be transferred. If the Session approves your request for membership transfer, a letter will be sent to your current church asking for a statement of membership and transfer of membership to this congregation.

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