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All Saint's Day

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All Saints Day is the Church's Memorial Day, a time to remember those who have died in the faith of Christ. It is traditionally celebrated on November 1, but may be observed on the first Sunday in November instead. For Protestants, for whom the observance of special days for saints may be problematic, we understand that in the strict sense of the word this is a festival day in honor of the grace of Christ. In the last analysis it is not a celebration (or deification) of the saints but rather of the victory of the grace of Christ in the saints. We are celebrating what Christ has done in and through the witness of us, the saints, through the ages. The color white is appropriate for the day. This can also be an opportunity to explore the meaning of the creedal term "the communion of saints" in relation to the words of the Communion preface, "with . . . all the company of heaven we praise your name. . . ." The names of those who have died since the previous All Saints service are read and remembered as part of the service. This year, in our congregation, we remember Mildred "Midge" Haye. As we remember those saints who have gone before, so we also rejoice in God's provision that the gospel will not be left without witness as others are added to the apostolic company
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