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Heifer International Ark Purchased

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Changing the World Two By Two Today, millions of people who were once hungry will be nourished by milk, eggs and fresh vegetables. Families who for generations knew only poverty will be building new homes and starting businesses. Children who once headed out to the fields to do backbreaking work will be heading into schoolrooms to learn to read. And people who never thought they’d be in a position to help someone else will be experiencing the joy of charitable giving. How is this possible? With Heifer International’s proven approach – almost 60 years in the making – to helping people obtain a sustainable source of food and income. The First Presbyterian Church of East Brady’s Mission Committee voted on November 5, 2007 to purchase a Gift Ark through Heifer International. The Heifer Gift Ark offers hope worldwide to families who are poor and hungry. Our gift will help families start on a journey to fulfill a seemingly impossible dream - to secure food and a source of dependable income. In 2008, we offer the opportunity to help to the entire community through our Alternative Gift mart, where a gift donation may be made in honor of a friend or family member who would prefer to see good done than to receive a gift. As little as $10 can make a great difference. Each family who receives livestock will pass on one or more of the animal's offspring to other families who are in need in their community. Every gift will multiply for years to come. In a world where land is overused, community members need to learn how to protect and rejuvenate their land, water and other natural resources. Heifer helps by teaching environmentally sound agricultural techniques. Before any Heifer animal is passed along to a project partner, Heifer trains the new recipient in animal management, using our strictly enforced. Animal Welfare Guidelines. Passing on the Gift allows families and individuals who have received animals to be donors themselves. This spirit of goodwill ripples through the community as animals are passed on and bonds are formed in a group effort to better their own lives. Imagine how this gift could change the world. Two cows bring milk and income to a Russian village. Two sheep help families in Arizona produce wool. Two camels help families in Tanzania earn income by transporting agricultural and industrial materials. Two oxen pull plows and carts in Uganda. Two water buffalo help Cambodian families increase rice production through animal draft power. And that's just the first five sets of animals ... Two pigs enable families in Arkansas attain greater self-reliance. Two beehives help an Armenian family earn money through the sale of honey and beeswax. Two goats help Haitian families to provide milk for their children and earn extra income. Two donkeys supply animal draft power for farmers in Kenya. Two trios of ducks help Ghana families generate income through the sale of eggs and birds. And there’s still more.... Two trios of rabbits provide food and income for familes in Guatemala. Two trios of guinea pigs help families in Ecuador add protein to their diets and increase income. Two flocks of geese help families in China better their nutrition and income through the production of eggs and meat. Two flocks of chicks help a village in Nepal improve nutrition and generate income through egg sales. And two llamas improve livestock bloodlines and produce wool and income for Bolivian families. Our ark provides 15 pairs or groups of animals to change lives around the world and here at home. It passes on our spirit of faith and charity over and over again to places in the world where it is needed most. What a wonderful way to bring joy to the world! For more information see
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